Akademie Schloss Hohenkammer

New design of the Island

The 'Renaissance‘ of the Island Garden of Hohenkammer Castle

In Analogy to the castle, the Island Garden is newly interpreted, based upon the formal picture language of a historic renaissance garden.

Francesco Colonna describes 1499 in his famous scripture‚ 'Hypnerotomachia Poliphili‘, a contemplative garden consisting of clipped hedge knots. Here he records a garden style developed from medieval monastery gardens, which will culminate in the famous Italian renaissance gardens of the Villa d‘Este and the Villa Lante. Looked at from higher laid terraces their ornamentation composes a daedalean view. At the same time they invite to walk through them as well as to have a rest in the gaps between the hedges.

In the baroque era they are followed up from the more stringent parterre gardens.
At Hohenkammer arises the unique possibility to enhance the area by relating the garden zones reasonably to the historical building, completing the overall impression of the castle and emphasising the representative character of the site.

  • Location:


  • Client:

    Münchener Rückversicherungs-Gesellschaft

  • Architects:

    HildundK Architekten, Munich

  • Period of planning & construction:


  • Size:

    Site 3.800 sqm

  • Photographer:

    Jörg Koopmann, Munich

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