Carl-von-Linde-Weg, Berchtesgaden

Preliminary study

The 'Obersalzberg' is a mountainside near Berchtesgaden, famous for the its salt deposits which are exploited in the 'Salzbergwerk Berchtesgaden'. Since the 19 th century the district of 'Obersalzberg' has been a touristic spot. But when Hitler discovered this area for his own holiday domicile everything was about to change. During the NS-dictatorship the 'Obersalzberg' was transformed into a holiday domicile area for the NS-executives. In 1999 the documentation centre 'Obersalzberg' was established, displaying the local involvement in the NS-policies.

The new pathway concept leads the visitor on a walking tour through time and place, through a spacial-chronological journey, illustrating the events of the past and combining the history of the site with the work of Carl von Linde.
A sequence of milestones along the pathway is the connection to the documentation centre and emphasizes special, authentic sites along the way.

Starting with the milestone 'Journey through Time', a small architectural work near the 'Villa Oberbaumgart', which was the residence of Carl von Linde. The visitor will find here general information and an overview over the different stations along the 'Carl-von-Linde-Weg'. The milestone 'Führer-Restricted Area', with a view over the ruins of the theatre hall, thematises the changes during the control of the National Socialists and the effects on the Linde family.
The third milestone 'Linde Science' represents the inventions and achievements of Carl von Linde. By fog dispersing blast pipes in the forest, the connection between technology and nature is symbolised.

The milestone 'Writers' reminds of the authors who were closely connected with the 'Obersalzberg'. Extracts from the opus of Voß, Ganghofer, Rosegger and others are presented to the visitors. At the station 'Linde-Obersalzberg', an outlook plank with a wonderful view over 'Berchtesgaden', signifies the work of Carl von Linde as a co-funder of tourism at the 'Obersalzberg' and his beneficial work.

A platform in the hillside meadow, called 'Summer Retreat', invites the visitors to stay, to enjoy the unique mountain panorama and to get an impression of the special atmosphere of the place.

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    Linde AG

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    Length of pathway 3 km

  • 07_uebersichtsplan.jpg Übersichtsplan
  • 06_entwurf-wegweiser.jpg Entwurf Wegweiser
  • 04_meilenstein-linde-obersalzberg.jpg Meilenstein Linde
  • 05_meilenstein-sommerfrische.jpg Meilenstein Sommerfrische
  • 02_meilenstein-wissenschaft.jpg Meilenstein Wissenschaft
  • 01_meilenstein-zeitreise.jpg Meilenstein Zeitreise

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