DLR Neubau IKN

The new institute building is part of the German Centre for Aviation and Astronautics research site in Oberfaffenhofen. The landscape design implements the guidelines of the urbanistic master plan including the changed building volumina, which were modified compared to the original concept.

The free space is composed of a zone prefacing the building, affiliated from a traffic zone and an area for infrastructural as well as recreational purposes at yard side. Traffic areas and parking places get The dark asphalt flooring of street and parking places is well contrasted from the light grey pavement used for pedestrian areas.

A band of ornamental grasses mixed with perennials and bulbs surrounds the building on three sides, thereby creating a prefacing zone. Low-maintenance and changing aspects during vegetation period characterise the planting design. The difference in level between building and infrastructural areas is compensated within the planting area as well.

On yard side a paved area is situated. Seating elements, partly shaded from newly planted tulip trees (Liriodendron tulipifera), invite to stay and relax. Bollards illuminate the pathways. Workrooms at basement floor are lighted with patios. Tuff is the material used for the retaining wall vis—à-vis the window front. The rough surface of the natural stone material is colonised from ferns, moss and corydalis, offering an interesting view onto a “living” image.

A pathway, paved with granite, connects the institute with the surrounding buildings via a lawn area.

  • Location:


  • Client:

    DLR German Centre for Aviation and Astronautics

  • Architect:

    Ackermann + Partner Planung, Munich

  • Period of planning:


  • Size of site:

    ca. 0,4 ha

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