Gedenk- und Begegnungsstätte ehem. KGB-Gefängnis Potsdam

Limited urban development realisation competition

The design concentrates on two major themes: the arrival and departure of visitors as well as the handling of 'time and its history'.

The new foyer operates as a gateway between everyday life and remembrance. Here the visitor comes to a rest and is prepared for the survey of the memorial site.

The estate with the new building, enclosed from a three meters high hedge, seems to become a part of the landscape. The new building functions as an entrance to the memorial place. Inside the enclosure there is a peaceful place. The transit from outside to inside occurs slowly, so the visitors gets aware of entering a special kind of place. After entering the visitor is confronted with travelling trough time and space, with a strange and naked truth. The new building is at the same time a point of origin as well as an end of a journey through time.

  • Location:

    Potsdam, Berlin

  • Awarding authority:


  • Architects:

    Brune Architekten, Munich

  • Period of planning:


  • Prize:

    1st prize

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