Urban development and landscapedesign ideas competition - 2nd phase

Vision of a built utopia

The new centre of Neuperlach adapts the idealism of the 70s. The City Crown, the square and the urban landscape built the vision for the new centre of the urban district, which itself is a built utopia.

The City Crown

Neuperlach is one of three overspill towns of Munich build in the 1960s. On the one hand it is still the satellite in the country, with just a few changes in the last decade. On the other hand it is a part of Munich in a booming metropolitan area.

An urban district with high living quality: good lighting conditions, districts with lots of greenery, within close proximity to panoramic views to the Alps.

Today, only 50 years after planning began, the middle of the district, the Hanns-Seidel-Square, is just waste land.
Because of that, this place offers all posibilties for an exiting redesign. The design of a ‚City Crown' makes use of the individuality at that central place of Neuperlach and set a prominent course in the sourrounding area - an ensemble of several buildings. Their maximum height will level off to be the same as the Frauenkirche (99m) and the two highest points of the residental circle. The new functional centre of Neuperlach will finely correlate in volume and urban dimension.

The Square

The centre of Neuperlach will also get a new expression on ground level. The market square is central to the design and creates a new public open space for Neuperlach and its residence. It should become a new identification point of Neuperlach, like the Münchner Freiheit in Schwabing.

Large access areas connect the square with the frontyard of the 'pep', the bus terminal and the exit of the underground. The connection to all streets in the surrounding area will be guarranteed.
The square can be used as meeting place or market place and has multifunctional usage.
Within the urban space, this place will be accentuated by its highest points, the ‚Urban Crown'.

Urban Landscape

The weakness of the urban district Neuperlach is mainly the public open space. Most of these areas are primarily green spaces or leftover areas and with the exeption of infrastructural areas not well-defined. The answer is a conceptually designed, highly usable urban landscape.

Beside the square there will be layer, ramp and areas at the topography of the base. There will be no typical roofing. Public and private plots will be consumed by this artificial landscape and will provide new, usable space. Its range will cover sunny, leaning meadows, rooftop gardens, seatsteps, a "reading-garden" for the library, terraces and gardens for the gastronomy, kindergarten, offices, hotels and common and public areas for neighbouring residences.

This vision has just the right scale on both, the macro- and the microlevel. Tall buildings reach like mountains in the sky, the constructed topography of the apron utilization lies to its base like wavy hills in the promontory. The squares and the 0-level are the vale in this landscape of either overgrown, heavy, woodlike areas, or empty, lightful free spaces.

Open space structure

The centrally located square can be reached from all four angles on the pedestrial level. The design of each connection will be a reflection of how many passengers are expected to come from that direction. Foregrounds on the streets will cover those sides with the highest amounts. Through the covered apron buildings - the urban landscape - one will find a series of partly hidden ways and paths to cover the ground.

Because of its size, geometry and its surrounding buildings, which create a variety of different light situations, the plaza itself is almost always sunny. And thanks to its introverted location there´s as little noise pollution as possible.
The south and the west, next to the civil service centre, are the places for sunny terraces. The wide tribune formed by seatsteps gives opportunity to watch the market place on busy weekdays or the centrestage on special occasions.

Sycamore and Scots pine are the shadowing bond to connect the new town centre with the "old" village of Neuperlach. The "Friedensbrunnen", a fountain, raises humidity and lowers temperature and therefor improves the microclimate. Depending on the inclination of the urban landscape, areas are devided by fields of grass, alpine roses, slippers and green gaps in walls and floor exteriors.

  • Location:

    Neuperlach, Munich

  • Client:

    RREEF Investment GmbH, Eschborn

  • Period of planning:


  • Architecture:

    03 Arch., Munich

  • Prize:


  • 05-lageplan.jpg Lageplan
  • 04-perspektive-platz.jpg Perspektive Platz
  • 03-perspektive.jpg Perspektive
  • 01-schwarzplan.jpg Schwarzplan
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