Hochäckerstraße München

Urban development and landscape design competition

The Existing

Located in one of Munich's less homogenous areas, the project site offers only a few urban structures to begin with/link to. Broadly elements like the motorway, the old town centre or the ambitious mega-structures could be a guideline, but they as well don't interact with each other. Reacting on these circumstances the concept is not about creating a new mega-structure but a connecting structure like a fabric.


The guiding building structure should offer the possibility to create generous spaces but also intimate court-scapes. Always showing that the experienced situation is a part of a expansive pattern, interweaving the whole area. The changing terrain modulation gives structure to the open space, floating below the building structure. Starting next to the motorway as a noise protection structure, the gently moving terrain fades out to single hills.

Two sickle-shaped parkways connect the parking garages. A softly curved pathway and square system is created in between to interconnect the apartments. The lense-shaped open space is always a result of intersecting building lines, creating two different types of open space: the five larger lenses are part of a continuous public park, the more framed intimate lenses are considered to be half private. Additionally private gardens are always possible in the south orientated open spaces next to the housing buildings.

Scenic embedment

The open space design is a reminisces to the former agricultural treatment, dating back to the middle ages, which is reported by the name "Hochäcker". The east - west orientated plotting and modulation once was created by pilling the rare top soil in only one plough direction. The new terrain modulation incorporates the required noise protection hill but at the same time creates an interesting open space on the lee side from the noise. Interwoven with the buildings by out bounding slopes. This public space flows through the cell-like buildings and creates broad and generous meadows accentuated by large group of trees. Consisting of birches, maple and lime trees. In these areas activities like playing soccer, cycling and running are possible without any restriction. These heavy used areas are often mowed, but the remoter sides only twice a year.

The closed private courtyards are marked by one solid tree, like the slowly growing yellow golden maidenhair tree, beech and oak trees. All along the southern side of the serial houses, private gardens and half private squares offer space for staying, meeting and playing.

Overall the project has a diverse range of open spaces, like the extensive meadows, wild areas, intimate niches, as well as the more common, intensive areas, thus creating in long term an interconnected and complex ecology of vegetation populations.

  • Place:


  • Client:

    Bayerische Bau und Immobilien Gruppe GmbH & Co.KG

  • Architect:

    Marcel Meili, Markus Peter Architekten, Zurich / Munich

  • Period of planning:


  • Prize:

    2nd prize

  • 02-grundstruktur.jpg Grundstruktur
  • 06-lageplan.jpg Lageplan
  • 03-modell.jpg Modell
  • 04-modell.jpg Modell, Ausschnitt
  • 05-perspektive.jpg Perspektive
  • 01-schwarzplan.jpg Schwarzplan

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