Outdoor concept for the nursery and kinder garden at the TUM campus

The new exterior area of the children�s house responds to its unique location at the interface between the Garchinger Heide (heath area) in the west and the riverscape of the Isar and the Wiesäckerbach in the east.
Regarding the buildings organisation and architecture, two kinds of open spaces are developed. Besides the architectural more strictly patio, protected by a higher wall towards the street, the eastern group rooms are directly connected with the garden by large terraces. The main elements in this area are gently shaped slopes created out of the resting soil from the building construction.

By modelling and filling with local materials like sand, gravel and grasses a highly varied playground-landscape is created, reminding of the river scenery nearby. Long trunks, wooden platforms with small cabines and water pumps structure the areas betweeen the slopes and create inviting playing features. The inner garden is enclosed by a double-barrelled fence, which can be used as a play tunnel or as stabling for small animals.

The existing trees are obtained as far as possible, only a few trees in the parking area need to be cut down. Additionally pines (Pinus sylvestris) are planted in the patio and the whole western area. The riverside scenery in the garden is complemented by clumps of low willows (Salix rosmarinifolia).

The rainwater is collected from the building, lead over an open trench and drained away in gravel hollows. The greened roofs regulate the hydrology balance and improve the climatic system.

  • Location:

    Garching/ Munich

  • Client:

    TU München

  • Architects:

    Architekten Hermann Kaufmann ZT GmbH, aichner kazzer architekten, Munich

  • Period of planning & construction:

    2007 - 2010

  • Size of site:

    0.7 ha

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