Innenhofgestaltung Kapellenstraße

Inner courtyard design

As a part of the building's reconstruction both inner courtyards are newly designed. Each courtyard gets its own character due to the different purposes and needs.

The ornamental yard (Major Courtyard)

Mainly designed for recreation the courtyard additionally offers room for occasional events. A clear structure and concentration on the essentials creates a peaceful and contemplative atmosphere. At the central lawn area, framed from a natural stone paving, a grove of medium-sized magnolias (Magnolia kobus) adds varying aspects throughout the season, starting with white blooms during spring, followed from the lush green foliage during summer, setting another highlight with their golden yellow autumn colour and finally presenting their delicate, quite sculptural branches during wintertime. All surface water is drained away in a trench drain underneath the basement garage.

The infrastructural yard (Minor Courtyard)

Here infrastructural items are the main topics. Natural stone is used for all paved areas and a planting area is lifted above ground level with a steel edge. The tree species, a Latin oak (Quercus robur) and two magnolias (Magnolia kobus) add structure and focal points, as Japanese ivy (Parthenocissus tricuspidata 'Veitchii') adds vertical green to the walls.

  • Location:


  • Client:

    Erzbischöfliches Ordinariat, Munich

  • Architect:

    Fink + Jocher architects, Munich

  • Period of planning:


  • Size of site:

    2.100 qm

  • Photo credit:

    Laura Loewel

  • 09-loe8546a.jpg
  • 10-loe8624a.jpg
  • 04-loe8594a.jpg Blick durch den Magnolienhain
  • 06-loe8527a.jpg Fahrradparker
  • 02-loe8521a.jpg Gräser im Detail
  • 03-loe8510a.jpg Gräser im Detail
  • 08-loe8662a.jpg Kunstinstallation
  • 11-plan.jpg Lageplan Entwurf
  • 07-loe8579a.jpg Weg im Innenhof
  • 05-loe8581a.jpg Weg im Innenhof

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