Innenstadt Augsburg

Urban development idea competition inner-city and mobility

In Augsburg during the Renaissance space and movement had been one. Finding ability, orientation and identification had been directly available. This can still be experienced in the urban scape of the cities' centre.

This new concept for inner Augsburg recombines the different layers, nets and knots of today's multi modal system of mobility with the urban space of Augsburg. The aim is not only to work about the inner city but considering transport infrastructure as an eligible tool for urban development, by extracting the qualities of a city as living space and economic zone.

To accommodate an ageing society, the increasing relevance of reach ability by foot and bike is considered. The possibility to walk is an essential feature of European city life.

  • Location:


  • Awarding authority:

    City of Augsburg

  • Architect:

    Jörg Schröder

  • Traffic planning:

    Gebhard Wulfhorst

  • Period of planning:


  • Size of site:

    3rd prize

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