LaSie Langfristige Siedlungsentwicklung München

Concept development, process supervision and congress moderation, concept report for a strategy report urban fringe - landscape

Munich is growing and will continue to grow in future. More than 214.00 additional inhabitants are predicted until 2030. This will be visible in the city's image.

During the last two decades Munich's city development benefited from a fundamental structural transformation which involved a historic release of well developed inner-city properties: areas of conversion were vacant to use especially for the construction of residential buildings. A comparable vacancy can not be estimated again. Therefor a shortage of residential areas can be foreseen, particularly constraining the subsidised housing.

In order to keep up the scopes for developments it is important to identify potentials for inner growth, qualitatively and quantitatively. Additionally possibilities for agreeable outer development within the city borders need to be examined.

The process of LaSie was assigned in this occasion. To examine the complex parameters and the development of promising strategies for topics like reorganisation, city limits - landscape, qualified consolidation and develop a pre-study for the spatial creative guideline.

After an intense working process with experts and representatives of the city administration the results were presented and discussed with actors of city and regional planing institutions at the "future-congress" in February 2012. The reports make an important contribution to a sustainable settlement development. By revealing possibilities how to realise new housing development and still preserve quality of housing and living as well as precious landscapes. These goals can be reached without boundless land wastage and efficient use of infrastructural capacities.

Strategy report urban fringe - landscape

There are only few development areas left over at the urban fringe. The strategy report's aim is a settlement development and at the same time to preserve the high quality green and open space areas. The team of experts analysed the north-eastern settlement border of Munich and created an image of spatial structure as well as corresponding realisation strategies within a trial planing. Beginning with the landscape's qualities demarcation possibilities for settlement areas to open landscape were defined, considering different types of settlements.

In contradiction to established planing manners, which only consider landscape issues, the report uses landscape qualities to design strategies for urban fringe development. A individual result for the research area north-eastern Munich will be created through the principle research by design together with a strategic guideline.

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    City of Munich

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    EBP Ernst Basler Partner, Zürich; 03 Architekten GmbH München; TUM Lehrstuhl für Raumentwicklung

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