A post office building from the late 60s located at the corner Meistersinger / Robert-Heger-Straße in Munich Engelschalking, is taken out of service. The program for the new draft includes housing, supply of services and public facilities in one building.

The area is affected by the remainings of the historical city center of Engelschalking as well as multistorey buildings and detached houses. Especially the four to twenty storeys high buildings located in direct eastern neighbourhood are influencing the appearance of the quarter: freely arranged in a park-like surrounding, lanced by wide street spaces.

The western green corridor with a range of high valued trees forms the qualities of the area as well. The aim is to preserve these surrounding qualities and keep the sealing to a minimum. The new building is designed as an amendment to the eastern high rise building, but also orientates towards the western green corridor and thereby takes an independent position in the urban layout.

The property is defined by a dense green seam, but for the former post office forecourt which is not totally covered with trees. The forecourt is facing a commercial center and meeting area at the other side of the Meistersingerstraße. The northern side is confined by a wide green strip with a pedestrian connection to the green corridor Rienziplatz. According to these surrounding structures the basement using is allocated. The new post office with client parkings and delivery area orientates towards the existing commercial center. Broad ribbons of ornamental grasses optically divide the different uses and entrances. A public pathway leads through the dense grove of pines, cherry, oak, ash and maple trees, passing the new playground and connects up to the northern green strip along Robert-Heger-Straße. The pathway marks the border between private nursery and public playground. The main entrance to the nursery is via the northern green strip. The over dimensioned profile of Robert-Heger-Straße is reduced to a residential street size of 5.50 m. The gained space is used to create parking space for the nursery delivery amongst others.

  • Location:


  • Client:

    HRG Immobilien GmbH

  • Architect:

    03 Architekten GmbH, Munich

  • Period of planning:

    workshop 2009, 1st prize, urban planing 2010-11

  • Size of site:

    0,48 ha

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