Mirabellplatz, Salzburg

The City of Salzburg is about to redesign the public space "Mirabellplatz" between Mozarteum university and the crossroads with Hubert Sattler-Gasse. At the moment Mirabellplatz appears as a wide road space. The multi-lane road divides the elongated square space into divided partitions.

The possibility to implement traffic changes now offer the opportunity to design the square space in such a way it can appear in its entirety again. During the process the citizens shall be involved in the redevelopment. By consequent public participation the citizen's ideas and opinions should be collected to act as a basis for the development of an traffical, free-space-planning master plan. The conceptual design based on this participation then is discussed in a multiple stage process with representatives of administration, government and citizens and developed into an coordinated design.

The process will be about finding solutions for existing and possible new conflicts of interest and to discuss them. Besides the improvement for pedestrians in consideration of orientation and quality of sojourn it is also important to fulfill the standard of representation as a forecourt of castle Mirabell.

  • Location:

    Salzburg, Austria

  • Client:

    Municipality City of Salzburg, Department for urban planning and traffic

  • Period of planning:


  • Size of site:

    ca. 2,4 ha

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