Neubau der Chemie Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen

Realisation competition with urban development idea part

The campus consists of three large open areas, the Campus Square in the North, the Campus Meadow with an adjacent lake and the new open space area at the Chemistry Institute in the South. They are connected with each other by a main thoroughfare.

Car parks are arranged along the 'Leihgesterner Straße' in order to avoid long search for parking. Alleys clearly mark the access to the Campus, structuring the urban layout of the area and creating connections inside the Campus. The alleys, consisting of stripes of multi-stem birch trees, are planted in a self-binding gravel surface, which conveys a bright, friendly character and are provided with seating facilities. Thereby an additional, attractive open area is created.

The main entrance occurs from the eastern parking site, across two big flights of steps. Adjoining ramps for cyclists and wheelchairs allow easily to conquer the 5 meters difference in altitude.

An additional inner courtyard at the entrance level enlarges the residential area into the exterior space. In the 1st upper floor there is an additional external courtyard for students and employees. A wooden leisure deck invites to relax and enjoy the breaks under the sun. Workspaces nearby are separated from the leisure deck with plantings. Further wooden decks in the third upper floor provide room for a panoramic outlook.

  • Location:


  • Awarding authority:

    State of Hessen / 'Justus-Liebig-Universität' Gießen

  • Architects:

    Auer+Weber+Assoziierte Stuttgart, Munich

  • Period of planning:


  • Prize:

    1st prize

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