Neugestaltung "Unterer Markt - Spitalplatz" in Hollfeld

Landscape architectural realisation competition

Experiencing Hollfeld

The great potential of Hollfeld can be found in the combination of a very beautiful, intact city structure and an appealing landscape. Impulse for the new cityscape is a new design of the ancient hospital building with the adjacent public square and garden. By the modification of this historical building into a community house with café, exhibition area and information centre, a central point for residents and visitors is created.


Similar to the 'Marienplatz' and the 'Unteren Markt', the 'Spitalplatz' area and the connecting pathways are paved in bright granite cobblestone. A big curb-stone, 60 cm broad granite, emphasises the pedestrian and the square area in order to detach them from the highly frequented driving area.

'Unterer Markt' and 'Spitalplatz'

The strongly declining ground of the 'Unteren Markt' is structured in terraces and separated from the foot way with a granite wall. Four lime-trees are creating a green roof. Below its shade there is room for the outdoor seating from the neighboured pizzeria. The broad staircase can also be used as seating accommodation. The 'Spitalplatz' has an open design, leaving space to the 'Spitalgebäude' and providing enough room for the weekly farmers market. As a counterpart to the representative character of the 'Obere Stadt', the 'Untere Stadt' becomes a focus on shopping and gastronomy. A fountain highlights the centre point of the 'Spitalplatz' and creates a calm place to rest and meet. In the garden of the 'Spitalgebäude' a lawn area under the existing fruit trees invites to stay. Along the southern borderline there is a planting area framed by buxus, which will be maintained by the citizens. A small square with a water bound surface offers multiple leisure possibilities.

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    City of Hollfeld

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  • Prize:

    3rd prize

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