"R(h)ein-Blicke" im UNESCO-Welterbe Oberes Mittelrheintal

Realisation competition

Views of the Rhine – Experience Landscape

The (mid)valley of the Rhine is one of the most versatile Landscapes with alternating aerial situations. It's spectrum includes tight parts with rocks, bluffs, farmed or wild terraces, as well as wide, exspansive river landscape sceneries and islands, picturesque towns, spots and castels. "Views of the Rhine" are as different as the diverse landscape that surrounds it. They vary in topography, vegetation, building structures, their views and relation to the water. The new interventions are ment to make the particular character of the different spots an experience for the visitor. They comment and point them out to the visitor. They are Landscape Sculptures, which grow out of the specific local situation. They build clearly readable volumes on the spot. Over time the chosen materials (steal, wood, climbers) changes its appearance. In the same way the sculptures will fit into the existing landscape structures, that change continuously over the years and are linked to the seasons as well. The paths and square surfaces at the locations will be designed with slate stone. The characteristic, recurring material that underlines the connection to the slate stone mountains of the mid Rhine.

All floating - All in motion

In Lorchhausen a long streched Band sets in scene the wide, floating river area along the bank slope. The differently folded, linear element made from steel and wood is remenisent of a stranded tree. It invites the visitor to pause, sit, lay and climb. Starting at the existing stone stairs the object escalates to the north end, where it ends at a view point. There you can enjoy the wide landscape panorama. The overhanging arm luffs because of the visitors weight and makes wideness and motion a sensory experience.

Loreley – A mystic location

From the Loreley's site the visitors can reach the different sightseeing points by walkways. The path via the bank to the Loreley figure at the entrance of the port is unimposing and overlooked easily. There marks a landscape sculpture out of a folded and sharp edged steel wall the inward flow and creates an intimate, calm place to stay. Its character is defined by the reduced lineup of material consisting of corroding steel and slatestone, which is typical for that region, for the paving. Poetry and saga are engraved in the steel walls as lettering. They inspire the visitor to form a discourse with the mystic spot. The folded walls emerge emblematic from the street with their composition from light and shadow. They make the visitor curious and invite them for a walk via the bank to the Loreley figure.

Vine arbour - rhine romance

In these days the site of St. Goar seems like a non inviting non area between the traffic streams. In front of the restaurant's entrance an old boat tries vainly to create a special spot. There the view into the Rhine valley is not able to impress as well. The view over the Rhine and the castles will be the main theme of the new landsacape sculpture at the site. With their fantastic views over the river and the opposing castle Maus the three vine arbours invite to rest. They create a romantic spot. From the street`s view the tree elements appear like translucent bodies on the flat parking lot. Their volumes create inner-spaces full of suspense which invite the visitors to pass through and to experience.

The availabe ressource is 150.000 euro and will be used to realise the framework of the three views of Rhine. After achieving further financial funds letterings with tourist information can be engraved in the steel surfaces of the landscape sculptures in the following phases of construction.

  • Place:

    St. Goarshausen

  • Client:

    Zweckverband Welterbe Oberes Mittelrheintal

  • Architect:

    Architektur & Landschaft, Munich

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