ROEK München Südwest

Spatial planning development concept for 8 communities (City of Germering, City of Munich, City of Starnberg, Municipality Gauting, Municipality Gräfelfing,  Municipality Krailling, Municipality Neuried, Municipality Planegg)

A development concept for spatial planning (ROEK) is to be designed for Munich’s Southwest. On one hand it is to support the communities to a greater degree than previously to direct their spatial development on a common programme of aims, scenarios and measurements. On the other hand the results are to influence spatial development by being included in plans and modes of federal and regional planning, thereby working as guidelines for the future.

Within the announced mandate the task is to create the contents of a joint spatial planning concept, altogether with all protagonists, and yet managing the required process of identifying aims and strategies. Besides the necessary publicity and committee work, the conceptual planning process is essential to create a reliable, long-term spatial development concept as reference for the further process.

Starting with a kick-off in March 2013, the first phase of the process is finished with the final report in April 2014. The present spatial development concept (ROEK) for Munich Southwest is a jointly created vision of the future and the first yet important step of intercommunal collaboration. The chosen degree of abstraction, the “altitude” of adaption, and the conceptual approach correlate to the size of the studied area. The ROEK project is to be complemented by comprehensive involvement of citizens, further development of operation fields and implementation of pilot projects in the years to come.

  • Area:

    Southwest of Munich as far as Starnberg

  • Client:

    Municipality Planegg

  • together with 03 Architekten GmbH, Munich; EBP Ernst Basler Partner, Zurich; Chair for Spatial Development TU Munich; Chair for Design and Settlement Development, TU Darmstadt :

  • Period of planning:


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