Salzburg - Die Stadt und ihr Fluss

In recent years many European cities have turned towards their river scapes in terms of urban development programs. Improved rivers, no longer used as industrial waste water or trade routes, allow city residents and visitors to enjoy the water courses in midst of the urban areas. Areas beside water turn into important urban recreational and leisure areas.
This applies in the case of Salzburg as well. The salt, formerly mined in the area and that gave the river and the city their names, has not been transported by water for a fairly long time now.

In the meantime the 'white gold' comes by another way to our stores and shops. In Salzburg the Salzach entirely lost its function as a transportation way. Regulation measures finally completed the total separation from river and city.

A reversion to the river's meaning for the city became necessary. Besides requirements of water management and flood control, the spatial and cultural importance of the river has to be extracted again. As a first step, within the scope of the preliminary study, the concerns of the Salzach have been examined in the range of the inner city of Salzburg.

  • Location:

    Salzburg, Austria

  • Client:

    Magistrat Stadt Salzburg - Amt für Stadtplanung und Verkehr

  • Period of planning:


  • Size of site:

    4,4 km of the riverside

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