Stadt und Fluss - Innerstädtischer Isarraum

Workshop process

Town-river-landscapes are increasingly jiggling into the focus of public attention. The rivers are transformed into recreation areas and gain a new economic importance in many cities. Quality of the location and leisure factor are the new keywords in the challenges that are now set on the restructuring of river landscapes.

A workshop process for participants from government and administration marked the beginning of the long process of development this prominent Isar section shaped by particular characteristics in the middle of Munich.
With an extreme importance for the city of Munich, the overall goal here is the careful treatment of this very sensitive area.

The development requires an approach that masters the specific requirements in the area of the inner-city Isar. The use of informal planning tools, with an profile individually tailored to the characteristics of the space is suitable to provide a good quality and sustainable development of the inner-city Isar area and its special characteristics - which can be described with diversity in a tiny space, the spatial expression on the one hand, the demands on the other hand - not only to preserve but also to strengthen it.

  • Location:


  • Client:

    City of Munich - Department for urban planning and construction regulation

  • Period of planning:


  • Size of site:

    Area of consideration ca. 55 ha

  • 02-baustruktur.jpg Baustruktur
  • 03-bauwerke-arch.jpg Bauwerke und Architektur
  • 01-betrachtungsraum.jpg Betrachtungsraum
  • 07-plakat-ausblicke.jpg Plakat Ausblicke
  • 06-plakat_bauwerke-brunnen.jpg Plakat Bauwerke und Brunnen
  • 08-plakat-bruecken.jpg Plakat Brücken
  • 09-plakat-isarufer.jpg Plakat Isarufer
  • 04-raumwirkung-vertikale.jpg Raumwirkung Vertikale
  • 05-technische-bauwerke.jpg Technische Bauwerke
  • 10-workshop.jpg Workshop
  • 11-zeitschiene.jpg Zeitschiene

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