Stadtpark Kirchenwiese

Realisation competition

The design of the Municipal Park Kirchenwiese alongside the ancient town wall is based upon few but strong principles and elements.

The attractive exciting topography is emphasised by modelling the terrain, creating usable terraces by cutting ground. Rich blooming lupin fields, typical for the lime-deficient soil of the Bavarian Forest region, accentuate the terraced site. Tree plantings are concentrated at the borders of the park. As a result visual connections to the City's parish church, the whole park terrain as far as the open landscape can be enjoyed.

The important Kirchensteig, leading from North to South is expanded and connected with the surroundings, thereby new East-West passages are created. Steep sections are flattened to lower barrier effects as far as possible.

In-situ concrete is used for paved areas, a dark granite additive creates a surface with a regional context.

The "Wedding-picture-Square" beside the church and the "urban living-room" with moveable furniture are emphasised with a granite paving. Playground equipment for all ranges of age are embedded in the topography, just as sanitary facilities. The existing source is integrated into the playground offerings.

The pavement of large-sized concrete slabs at the bus station are extended, implicating street, the multipurpose space unteil the urban square, connecting all these areas. Small groves create shaded areas to stay and rest.

Water sprays create a waterfilm in the area open for fire service, with a positive effect on the microclimate, and additionally as attractive playing element.

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  • Awarding authority:

    City of Grafenau

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  • Prize:

    3rd Prize

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