Studentenwohnheim Am Stiftsbogen

Outside facilities and day nursery

The outside facilities of the site are divided in several different parts.
North of the residential building, which serves as a noise protection towards the Highway, several sporting areas are located. Larches and wild cherries are the leading tree species here.

The central axis serves as an accession area as well as an assembly space for the fire brigade. At the western end the axis widens to the forecourt of a spacious common room, framed from the day nursery with its separated playground. The indirect illumination of the central axis is combined with the ventilation system of the underground parking.

In the South urban villas are located, including more private courtyards, and being separated from the central axis by a circumferential concrete pergola. Bicycle parking places are arranged underneath the pergola, thus being sheltered from the elements. Robinias and wild pears are used as leading tree species in this area.

In the South an infiltration band defines the border between the site and the adjoining public green corridor. It is planted with ornamental grasses and perennials well adapted to the specific conditions of this periodically flooded habitat. Concrete footbridges ensure the accessibility of the site.

Ginkgo groves in the East and the West highlight the entrance situations. The supporting wall in the East carries abstract imprints of the bark of the ginkgo trees planted in front of it.

  • Location:


  • Client:

    Studentenwerk Munich

  • Architects:

    Spengler Wiescholek Architekten, Hamburg

  • Period of planning & construction:


  • Size of site:

    1,54 ha

  • Photographer:

    Jörg Koopmann, Munich

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