UNESCO Weltnaturerbe Grube Messel

New building of a Visitor Information Centre

Genius loci - the basic design idea derives from the stratification of the oil shale, which is graphically transformed into a layout for the building and the open space.
A platform stage performs as a hint to the mine and offers a panoramic view onto the unique landscape. The circuit starts with the trace of questions, which leads to the exhibition area of the museum. Here visitors can chose between two different ways through the extraordinary landscape of the mine.

Thematic gardens allow visitors to experience development processes and materiality. Different kind of vegetation schemes demonstrate atmospheric conditions, climatic terms, and processes as evolution, succession and progression. A pattern of different habitats is created in the surrounding meadows by change in inclination and soil composition.

  • Location:

    Messel, Darmstadt

  • Client:

    Hessian Ministry for Science and Art

  • Architect:

    Landau Kindelbacher Architekten Innenarchitekten, Munich

  • Period of planning & construction:


  • Size of site:

    2,5 ha

  • Photographers:

    Jörg Koopmann, München, Jan Bitter, Berlin

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