Untersuchung Lochhausen

Within the field of urban and open space planning local identity and revaluation of specific qualities and potentilaities becomes increasingly important. To detect, to valuate and to descripe deficits of structure, landscape, traffic and sociological environments was used as basic information for the following stages of study. With analysis, development of a general principle and realisation strategies classical urban planning methods were used. Focal point was to consider the interaction between landscape and society. In several working phases, always combined with a feed back, different models were developed and possible key projects were devised. The resulting structural concept names, amongst others, the follwing interventions and aims:

The characteristical interweaving of settlement and green structures and open landscape in Lochhausen ought to be strengthened furthermore.

The distinctive network of streams and watercourses is to be unshelled and connected with the adjoining open structures to create a superior grid of precious ecological green spaces together with an implemented netting of bicycles tracks. Thereby a route system alongside the settlement areas can be created that combines recreational issues with ecological matters.

The existing traffic system defines a clear zonal structure alongsside the railway line, with the Lochhausener Straße as central spine of further development. The existing S-Bahnstation functions as an important link for development and ought to be strengthened furthermore in its central role by implementing new commercial structures nearby.

The expected development of new housing space seems only reasonable in association with the consolidation of the superior open space structure. Only a new urban structure will endure the estimated, high increase of inhabitants. With an appropriate building density the increase of residents can be solved within the range of available areas, but as a result, a so far not known density of building structure will be introduced in Lochhausen.

  • Location:


  • Client:

    City of Munich, Department for Urban Planning and Building Regulations

  • Architect:

    bogevischs buero Architekten & Stadtplaner GmbH, Munich

  • Period of planning:


  • Size of site:

    ca. 112 ha

  • 03-lochhausen.jpg Modell Bandhausen
  • 04-lochhausen.jpg Modell Cluster
  • 05-lochhausen.jpg Modell Grünhausen
  • 06-lochhausen.jpg Modell Konsens
  • 08-lochhausen.jpg Modell Ränder
  • 09-lochhausen.jpg Skizzen aus dem Workshop
  • 10-lochhausen.jpg Vernetzung

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