Weißenseepark, München

Redesign of a public park

The park is subdivided in two parts, one north and one south of the Weißenseestraße.
A key element in the planning process was the public participation. A particular meaning had the work with the existing structures and elements of the park. While implicating the existing, uses were concentrated and new places for recreation were developed.

For this purpose, boulders became the essential design element, a reminiscence to the former use of the site as a gravel pit. Their arrangement, densified in the central area of the playground island, becomes more and more disperse in the expanse of the park. Entrance areas, crossing points of the path network and lines of sight are marked by various boulders of differing height, partly even higher than a man. They provide a wide variety of possibilities for playing and other uses.

Playground areas, currently scattered all over the park, are centralised to ease surveillance for parents with children of different age-groups. The playground island offers an attractive range of playing features for children of every age, including a water display, swings, see-saws and spinners as well as accessible equipment. A barrier-free path network makes the playing areas accessible for handicapped persons as well.
As a connective element a row of wild cherry trees (Prunus avium) accompanies the 'Way of Flowers' throughout the park. The paving of the path network is entirely rebuild.

Adjacent to the major traffic route 'Mittlerer Ring' a planting of hornbeam serves as emission protection.

  • Location:


  • Client:

    Department for Horticulture, City of Munich

  • Planning and public participation:


  • Construction:


  • Size of site:

    8,2 ha

  • Photographer:

    Jörg Koopmann, Munich

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