Wohnanlage Robinigstraße

Residential buildings

New residential buildings are erected in the district of Schallmoos, north of Sterneckstraße. Their street defining building structure, based on the urban development plan, strengthens on one side the unity of public space and protects the various court yards from street noise on the other side. The transition between street and building is defining the Robinigstraße in wide sections. Systematic tree planting and special green areas are continuing the orthogonal structure of the master plan and merging him with the street space.

The forecourt on the western side is a homogenous asphalt surface. To compensate the soil reduction tree planting zones are created by circular upstands on top of the subbase. Japanese cherry trees (Prunus mahaleb) create a spectacular springtime prelude with their luscious florescence. A common terrace made of concrete slabs in front of building 1 serves as meeting and living area.

A seam of hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens) around the buildings create a green filter between private and non-private areas. Lawn and sand zones providing room for exercising and playing. Benches in the border areas invite to sit down, stay and follow whats happening. The pathway system links the Robinig- with the Gablerstraße in east-west-direction and integrates informal pedestrian pathways between Gabler- and Sterneckstraße in north-south-direction. Chinese wild pears ((Pyrus calleryana) and hornbeams (Carpinus betulus) are creating a soft border towards the eastern green strip and street side. A ribbon of hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens) and purple willows (Salix purpurea 'Nana') complete the vegetation towards the garden side.

The common rooftop garden creates a special atmosphere by the selection of materials and plantings. Wooden raised plating beds provide a green frame. Completed by linear, generous dimensioned element for sitting and planting organised by the tenants.

  • Location:

    Salzburg, Schallmoos / Austria

  • Client:

    Gemeinnützige Wohn- und Siedlungsgenossenschaft "salzburg" reg.Gen.m.b.H (non-profit housing association)

  • Architects:

    LC 4 Architektur, Salzburg / Austria

  • Competition:

    2011, 1st prize

  • Period of planning:


  • Size of site:

    0,38 ha

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