Wohnbebauung Taxisstraße

Outside facilities for a residential site

The existing, area-defining biotope is left untouched, but becomes the conceptual subject of the design. Between the new buildings a park with woodland character arises. A ground covering planting of ivy and ferns, accentuated by drifts of ornamental grasses and perennials, represents the forest terrain. The newly planted trees, irregularly aligned, densify towards the biotope. Clearings in the dense plantings give room for for recreation, leisure and pathway areas.

A difference in altitude, about 2 m, is caused from the northern wall of the subterranean garage. A smoothly curved lanyard rail loosens the emerging hard border of the underground car park. The access to the buildings emerge like platforms into the park and are visually linked by a uniform flooring material. At the edge heading the biotope two squares protrude like balconies into the biotope.

Two curved main pathways run through the site, connecting the street with the clearings and squares in the open space and as well leading to the buildings. On the northern side a small pathway assures the access to the park for all residents. Towards the street the property is bordered by a retaining and seating wall of 50 cm height. At the southern side ramps lead to the new park level.

  • Location:


  • Client:

    Gewofag München

  • Architects:

    03 Architekten GmbH, Munich

  • Period of planning & construction:

    planning 2006 - realisation starting 2009

  • Size of site:

    0,6 ha

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